Cold & Flu Quiz

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Before the cold or flu gets to you, brush up on your knowledge by taking this quick quiz.

catch cold
1. You are likely to catch a cold if you walk in the rain, don't dress warmly enough, or sit in a draft.
children cold
2. Children normally get more colds than adults.
cold flu
3. Colds and flu are caused by bacteria.
cold antibiotics
4. Colds can be effectively treated with antibiotics.
prescription medication
5. Prescription medications are the only effective medicines that work on colds and flu.
take medication
6. You should always take medication to stop a cough that comes with a cold or flu.
7. Decongestants can be used to relieve a cough.
pain relief
8. Pain-relief or cold products that contain aspirin should never be given to children under 19 years of age.