Dimetapp® cares about your family

Dimetapp® has been treating children’s cough, cold & allergy symptoms for over 50 years. Learn more below about the trusted formulas of Dimetapp®, how to choose the best formula for your child, and other ways to treat your child’s symptoms.*

Cough, Cold and Allergy Tips

For questions, ask your pediatrician.

  • drink up

    Give your child plenty of liquids to keep hydrated and help thin out mucus. Water, juice and electrolyte drinks are good choices.

  • ease congestion with steam

    Use a humidifier or give your child a bath. The steam helps moisten the nasal passages and loosens phlegm to make coughs more productive.

  • heads up

    Raise your child’s head with an extra pillow to help ease a cough caused by post-nasal drip.

  • rest, rest, rest

    Plan relaxing indoor activities like reading stories, watching movies or looking at photo albums.

  • choose dimetapp®

    For safe and effective relief, rely on Dimetapp® to help your child feel better.