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For over 50 years, Dimetapp® has been
treating children’s cough, cold & allergy
symptoms. Discover why other parents –
just like you – trust Dimetapp® to relieve
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I love this brand
Elizabeth P
More Information: Cold & Cough
My kids tend to catch colds between November and March. There is nothing that works best like this brand does. Once one gets sick we all get sick. I love this brand and can remember my mom using this brand with us when we were kids. To me a long time, well-known brand is a good brand. When a product works well, like this one, I will always recommend it to more people.
This is a great brand!
Julia P
More Information: Cold & Cough
This is a great brand! The flavor is great for any kid who does not like to take medicine. They will not say no to this medication. The results from the medicine start showing after the first dose! The cough symptoms will decrease dramatically after the first dose. Children and parents alike should try this product at the first sign of any symptoms to a cold!
My kids enjoy the taste
Julianna Z
More Information: Cold & Allergy
I prefer Dimetapp over all other brands. I've tried cheaper store name brands and they aren't as effective. The meds wear off too fast and my kids are left feeling sick. My kids enjoy the taste as well.