This Grape is Sweet
but Tough test

Kids get sick…often.

So, when a stuffy nose, congestion, or cough show up,
get revenge with Dimetapp®. The great grape taste that
kids love is what cold, cough and allergy symptoms fear.

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Cold Beware.
#1 Pharmacist Recommended Brand*

#1 Pharmacist Recommended Brand*test

Dimetapp® is the brand pharmacist recommend most for children’s cough/cold
combination for the 8th year in a row. Parents can be confident that Dimetapp® will
relieve their kids’ cold, cough and allergy symptoms and help them get back to being

We Know Kids Can Be Picky

Especially when it
comes to medicine.

That’s why Dimetapp® is formulated with a great grape flavor. In fact,
most children prefer grape to other flavors. That makes taking
medicine a better experience for everyone.