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  • What do I need to know about antihistamines?

    As part of an ongoing commitment to help families and caregivers use pediatric cough and cold products responsibly, Dimetapp® has added wording on the label directing consumers not to use cough and cold products that contain antihistamines to make children sleepy.

  • What is the right dose for my child?

    Different medicines have different ingredients as well as different doses and concentrations.

    Always remember:

    • Different medicines come with different dosing devices such as droppers and cups—always use the dosing device which comes with the product you have purchased.
    • Always use these products according to the label instructions on the package and bottle.
    • Never give your child two or more medicines at the same time that have the same active ingredient.
    • Do not give adult-strength medicine to your child.
    • Only use the medicine that treats your child's specific symptoms.
    • Do not use these medicines to make your child sleepy.
  • Why is the expiration date important?

    All Dimetapp® products are safe and effective when used prior to the expiration date on the package carton and bottle label. It is important to always read and follow the expiration date information.

  • How can I keep medicine out of the reach of my children?

    Even though Dimetapp® has child-resistant packaging on all of its products, you need to keep medicines out of sight and out of reach of your kids.

    A few simple steps can help:

    • Always close the bottle cap after each use.
    • Make sure you store medicine in a locked cabinet out of the sight and reach of your children.
    • Never leave your medicine sitting out or in sight for them to reach it.
    • Get rid of your old medicine in a way your children cannot reach it.
    • Dimetapp® may taste good but make sure your child or children know it is medicine first—it is not candy. Help them understand that medicine is serious and should not be played with.
  • What else can I do to help my children?

    There are a number of ways you can help your children feel better when they have a cold. Dimetapp® is one option, but there are other ways of comforting them that parents have used for generations:

    • Rest — make sure your child gets plenty of rest both day and night to help them recharge and get better faster.
    • Drink lots of liquids — make sure your child gets a lot of water and old‑fashioned orange juice throughout the day.
    • Moisten the air — use a cool-mist humidifier or vaporizer around your child to moisten the air. This will also help ease their nasal congestion and coughing during the day and night. Be sure to clean the humidifier often.
    • Warm baths — draw a warm, soothing bath for them where they can rest and relax their muscles. The warm water and air will also help to clear their nasal passages.
    • TLC — sometimes the best medicine is just knowing your parents are there to take care of you, hug you, and make you feel comforted. Spend time with your kids, cuddle with them and tell them stories of when you were sick…let them know that feeling better is just a few days away.
  • Where can I find additional information about safe use and safe keeping of my medicines?

    If you ever have any questions about how or when to dose the product or which formula is right for your child, you should not hesitate to speak with your child’s doctor, a pharmacist, or other healthcare professional.

    Learn more about medicine safety and children.


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